Final Post

I’ve decided that this will probably be the final post on the blog. I’m tired and, to be honest, there are far more qualified people out in the blogosphere writing far better stuff reaching a wider audience. Rather than detract from their work by sucking up any traffic to my own blog, I would prefer what readers I have to subscribe to those blogs that I have often referred to on my own. Browse through my posts and you should find plenty to which you can subscribe!

This site should remain up until March of 2019 and then will likely be shut down (unless I decide to pay to keep it up). I’ll pray about it (*wink wink*).

Adieu, comrades!

6 thoughts on “Final Post

  1. I understand. I always have big plans to write and post, but it is an effort I just can’t seem to maintain.

    I’ll miss reading. Your work is always well-thought and well-written.

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  2. You’ll be missed. Best wishes.

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  3. Godless Commie 5 Aug 2018 — 9:00 pm

    Sorry to hear. Literally just found the blog today (actually directed by you) . Read One Helluva Ride, very impressive stuff. Will definitely go back through your old posts.

    Take care, and you can be proud of your work here!

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