My name is Ben but I go by the moniker the Amateur Exegete: “amateur” because I am by no means a scholar and “exegete” because my main interest lay in understanding the meaning and import of texts, particularly the biblical texts. Though I spent three years at the fundamentalist bastion Pensacola Christian College, I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Williamson College. I’ve also did some work toward a graduate degree in apologetics from Luther Rice Seminary butĀ pleaseĀ don’t hold that against me! My religious journey began in King James Only fundamentalism, evolved to Reformed evangelicalism, and is currently flourishing in the absence of religion altogether. One thing hasn’t changed: my love for and interest in the Bible.

This website has a few goals: to counter poor takes on the Bible whether they are from believers or unbelievers, to promote sound scholarship by writing pieces full of citations to the work of credible scholars, and to educate people who are interested in the Bible but don’t know a lot about it. The Bible remains one of the most read but least understood works in the world. My hope is that my small, non-professional contribution to the discussion about it will make things clearer for those less familiar with it.

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