This website is the work of the Amateur Exegete. The Exegete has a Bachelor of Science from Williamson College though he also did undergraduate work at the fundamentalist bastion Pensacola Christian College as well as some graduate work towards a Master of Arts in apologetics at Luther Rice Seminary. His journey has led him from King James Only fundamentalism to Reformed evangelicalism and currently to atheism. But one thing has not changed: his love for and interest in the Bible.

With interests in history, theology, biblical exegesis, science, politics, and much more, the hope is that this website will serve a few functions.

  1. To serve as a resource for people interested in understanding the message of the Hebrew and Christians scriptures.
  2. To counter the eisegetical nonsense of any group whether it be Christian, Muslim, atheist, or otherwise.
  3. To demonstrate that one can be an atheist and still have a deep appreciation for the Bible.

Readers are welcome to comment and offer their thoughts and criticisms. He promises to wear his big-boy pants.

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