Contradictions in the Empty Tomb Narratives: A Response to Erik Manning, Part 1

Part 1: Series Introduction and Contradiction #1 - "How Many Women?"Part 2: Contradiction #2 - "Was the Stone Already Removed?" (forthcoming)Part 3: Contradiction #3 - "Angel or Angels?" (forthcoming)Part 4: Contradiction #4 - "The Ending of Mark" and Series Conclusion (forthcoming) SERIES INTRODUCTION It is no understatement to declare that historic Christianity lives and dies... Continue Reading →

Michael Pahl on Reading the Bible Better

It's tempting to read the Bible as an aloof, metaphysical text untethered from a historical reality. But the various writings that make up the Bible were written by very real people in very specific historical circumstances. While it is true that in many instances we have no idea who wrote these texts and, in a... Continue Reading →

Is the “Nazareth Inscription” from Nazareth?

If you’ve spent any amount of time online perusing Christian apologetics websites, you’ve no doubt come across the Nazareth Inscription, an edict from Caesar found on a slab of marble that prohibits grave robbing under penalty of death.[1] It is called the “Nazareth Inscription” because it was sent to antiquities collector Wilhelm Froehner from Nazareth in 1878.... Continue Reading →

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