Bible Study for Amateurs #40 – Self-Designations in the Acts of the Apostles

The author of Acts uses a variety of terms to describe the earliest Jesus-following community. What is the significance of this? 

Works cited: 

Paul Trebilco, “The Significance of the Distribution of Self-designations in Acts,” Novum Testamentum 54 (2012), 30-49.

Bible Study for Amateurs #39 – A Fourth Synoptic Gospel

Typically scholars refer to Matthew, Mark, and Luke as the Synoptic Gospels. But what if there’s a fourth?

Works cited:

  • Mark Goodacre, “Parallel Traditions or Parallel Gospels? John’s Gospel as a Re-Imagining of Mark,” in John’s Transformation of Mark, edited by Eve-Marie Becker, Helen K. Bond, Carin H. Williams (London: T&T Clark, 2021), 77-89.

Bible Study for Amateurs #38 – A Clever Way to Date the Chronicler

When was Chronicles written? Israel Finkelstein has a clever way of doing so. 

Works cited: 

Israel Finkelstein, “The Historical Reality behind the Genealogical Lists in 1 Chronicles,” Journal of Biblical Literature 131, no. 1 (2012), 65-83.

Nat Ritmeyer, “Ezer, Elead, and Exodus,” (10.13.17).

Bible Study for Amateurs #37 – Galilee or Jerusalem?

Where did the disciples first meet Jesus following the resurrection? Was it in Galilee or in Jerusalem?

Bible Study for Amateurs #36 – The Eye of the Needle…Gate?

When Jesus speaks of the “eye of a needle” in the Gospel of Matthew, was he referring to something tangible like a gate in Jerusalem?

Ziemnińska’s piece –

Bible Study for Amateurs #35 – The Creation Combat Myth

There are many different creation stories in the Hebrew Bible. Job 26 has one you may not be familiar with. 

Bible Study for Amateurs #34 – Was Paul a Roman Citizen?

The Acts of the Apostles claims Paul was a citizen of Rome. But was he?

Bible Study for Amateurs #33 – Pro-Life Proof-Texting

Does the book of Jeremiah offer support to the Pro-Life movement the way they think it does?

Bible Study for Amateurs #32 – Papias, Mark, and Slaves

When Papias speaks of Mark as Peter’s “interpreter,” how would a reader in the second century CE understand that? 

Bible Study for Amateurs #31 – “Without Excuse” – Is Paul Referring to Atheists in Romans 1?

Is Paul thinking of atheists in his diatribe in Romans 1? I’m not convinced.