Musings on Mark: Reign of the Demons

Jesus’ first public miracle in the Gospel of Mark is an exorcism (Mark 1:23-26) This is no coincidence; neither is the fact that it is contained within a pericope portraying Jesus as a teacher (vv. 21-28). On a narrative level, the Markan author desires to show how Jesus is the one with unique authority: he... Continue Reading →

My Interview with Purple Pill Philosophy

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to go on the channel Purple Pill Philosophy and discuss a variety of topics including my journey from belief to unbelief, the historical Jesus (and Mythicism), the Exodus, the Gospel of Mark, and more. It was a great conversation! Check it out below. And if you haven't already, hit... Continue Reading →

My Conversation with Jackson Wheat

This morning I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jackson Wheat, a YouTuber and student of evolutionary theory, on a variety of subjects related to the Bible including the days of Genesis, the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke, Leviathan, henotheism, and more. It should go without saying that I spoke as a non-scholar... Continue Reading →

2019 Website in Review

Happy New Year, readers! It’s hard to believe that 2019 is behind us. I can still remember watching the ball drop on TV on December 31, 1999, worrying that once the clock struck 12:00pm it would be curtains for civilization! As it turns out, the world kept spinning. Also, Jesus didn’t come back. That’s over... Continue Reading →

A Brief Note on Richard Carrier's Inability to Read: Why Aging Unemployed Bloggers Need Bifocals (Guest Post by Chris H.)

Note: This is a post written by Chris H. (@unicornwiz) in response to comments made by Richard Carrier (see note #1 below). Chris can be reached on Twitter or at his email address Carrier made a really bad article showing how little he cares to read his sources.[1] I am here just going to post the... Continue Reading →

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