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Biblical Studies Carnival #198 (August 2022)

It’s hard to believe summer is pretty much over, though here in Louisiana we’ll experience temperatures in the 90s well into late September and maybe even October. The end of summer means that students are heading back to classes and so teachers/professors are in… Continue Reading “Biblical Studies Carnival #198 (August 2022)”

‘The Covenant’ by Bernard Lamborelle – A Critical Review

INTRODUCTION There are few books that having read and disagreed with that I nevertheless would recommend. The late John Sailhamer’s The Pentateuch as Narrative: A Biblical-Theological Commentary[1] comes to mind. Another is a volume written by Bernard Lamborelle, author of The Covenant: On the Origin of the… Continue Reading “‘The Covenant’ by Bernard Lamborelle – A Critical Review”

‘What Jesus Learned from Women’ by James F. McGrath – A Brief Review

Jesus is often a mirror. If we lean toward socialism, he becomes a socialist. If we believe in women’s equality, he becomes a feminist. If we believe that marriage should be open to non-heterosexual couples, he becomes pro-gay marriage. Whatever we are for, Jesus… Continue Reading “‘What Jesus Learned from Women’ by James F. McGrath – A Brief Review”

A Tour of My Personal Library

I’ve had a few people request that I do a tour of my shelves and so here is my (poor) attempt at doing so. Please forgive the quality of the video/audio as I did this using only my iPhone.

The Roundup – 6.4.22

The May 2022 Biblical Studies Carnival (#195) was posted by Bob McDonald on the first of this month. You’ll find a lot of great links there! Over at Urbs and Polis, Christy Cobb gives an overview of slavery in the Greco-Roman world.One of the problematic aspects of slavery… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 6.4.22”

‘The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy’ by Philip Gorski and Samuel Perry – A Brief Review

I once knew someone who said that the scariest movie they’d ever seen wasn’t a horror movie at all. It was the 2001 drama A Beautiful Mind. When I asked why such a movie was so terrifying to them, this person replied, “To not know… Continue Reading “‘The Flag and the Cross: White Christian Nationalism and the Threat to American Democracy’ by Philip Gorski and Samuel Perry – A Brief Review”

Bible Study for Amateurs #25 – Hey Jude 11-13!

Jude turns up the megaphone.

Hiatus (and a Milestone!)

Due to some unforeseen circumstances in the “real world,” I’ll be on hiatus from posting for the short term. How long that will be is unknown. It could be days, weeks, or a month. Either way, my presence will be spotty on Twitter and… Continue Reading “Hiatus (and a Milestone!)”

Biblical Studies Carnival #193 (March 2022)

The month of March was a busy month in biblical studies and I’m keenly aware of the fact that I missed a ton of stuff. In fact, there’s some stuff I just didn’t include in this month’s carnival because I didn’t want to overwhelm readers! Below… Continue Reading “Biblical Studies Carnival #193 (March 2022)”

Jimmy Akin and Joseph’s Two Homes (Evangelical Eisegesis #4 – Catholic Edition)

Matthew depicts Joseph as living in Bethlehem and setting in Nazareth later. Luke depicts Joseph as being from Nazareth, going to Bethlehem for the census and birth of Jesus, and then returning to Nazareth. How can these two be reconciled? If you’re Jimmy Akin… Continue Reading “Jimmy Akin and Joseph’s Two Homes (Evangelical Eisegesis #4 – Catholic Edition)”