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Book Review: ‘Scripting Jesus: The Gospels in Rewrite’ by L. Michael White

For more book reviews, check out the book reviews page. Author: L. Michael White Book: Scripting Jesus: The Gospels in Rewrite Publisher: HarperOne Year: 2010 Page count: 528 pages Price: $28.99 (hardcover) INTRODUCTION Nine years ago, I walked into a bookstore known as Hastings… Continue Reading “Book Review: ‘Scripting Jesus: The Gospels in Rewrite’ by L. Michael White”

Frank Turek and Tryggve Mettinger: Caught in a Quotemine

I was recently tagged in a thread on Twitter asking whether something quoted by Frank Turek was true. Since Turek has me blocked on Twitter, I had to resort to other means (i.e., log into an older account I never use) to see what… Continue Reading “Frank Turek and Tryggve Mettinger: Caught in a Quotemine”

Does Mike Winger Think Jesus Was a Sinner? (Evangelical Eisegesis #1)

A pop-apologist accidentally turns Jesus into a sinner.

Book Review: ‘A Most Peculiar Book’ by Kristin Swenson

A review of Kristin Swenson’s work ‘A Most Peculiar Book’ (Oxford, 2020).

Book Review: The First Biography of Jesus by Helen Bond

A review of Helen Bond’s book ‘The First Biography of Jesus.’

Did Jesus Plan to Start a New Religion? Matthew Thiessen’s Answer

“Did Jesus plan to start a new religion, then? No.” – Matthew Thiessen

What Jairus Said to Jesus: One Attempt to Reconcile the Matthean and Markan Accounts and Why It Doesn’t Work

Yes, Matthew’s version of the raising of Jairus’ daughter contradicts Mark’s account of it.

Book Review: ‘Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife’ by Bart D. Ehrman

Book review of Bart Ehrman’s 2020 volume ‘Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife.’

Matthew Thiessen’s Recent Interview on the OnScript Podcast

Matthew Thiessen gets interviewed about his book ‘Jesus and the Forces of Death.’

Kristin Swenson: The Bible Undermines Blind Faith In It

Kristin Swenson, A Most Peculiar Book: The Inherent Strangeness of the Bible (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020), 59.