Video of My Discussion with Doug Carpenter and Triggerman1976

Earlier today I was afforded the opportunity by my friend Doug Carpenter to speak on the issue of the role of the Bible in society. You can read the text of my ten minute talk here and the full video of my talk, Triggerman's talk, and a lengthy Q&A can be found below. I enjoyed... Continue Reading →

The Bible's (Mis)Use in Society

Below is the text of a brief talk I gave for my friend Doug Carpenter today. Doug approached me a while back and asked if I'd be willing to speak on the role of the Christian scriptures on society. My talk was balanced by Christian blogger Triggerman1976 and I hope to link to his talk... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundup – 12.14.18

"I think we have to allow that John’s Gospel differs from the Synoptic Gospels in this fundamental respect: it is not an attempt to remember the historical Jesus; it is an attempt to restate the significance of the historical Jesus from a later theological vantage point, shaped in particular by a bitter controversy with the... Continue Reading →

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