The Koine-Greek Blog: Metaphorical Uses of σκύβαλον

The final post from the Koine Greek blog on the Greek word σκύβαλον is up and this one covers the metaphorical uses of the word. One such usage can be found in the book of Sirach. When a sieve is shaken, the refuse appears; so do a person's faults when he speaks. (Sirach 27:4, NRSV) You might look... Continue Reading →

The Koine-Greek Blog: σκύβαλον in Urban Contexts

Earlier this week I posted a link to the Koine-Greek blog's post on σκύβαλον in agricultural contexts. Today's link is to their post covering σκύβαλον in urban contexts. The offer a few examples of the term's use in those contexts, including those involving how to get rid of waste from city street's. Citing Strabo, the author notes that the... Continue Reading →

The Koine-Greek Blog: σκύβαλον in Agricultural Contexts

In their ongoing obsession with σκύβαλον, the Koine-Greek blog put up another post recently discussing the use of the term in agricultural contexts. Specifically, the piece covers how σκύβαλον is used by Philo. By going over a handful of examples, it becomes clear that Philo doesn't intend for σκύβαλον to be seen as an obscenity. The author writes, But again,... Continue Reading →

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