A Response to “The Documentary Hypothesis Debunked” by Reformed Christian Apologist

Back in August, YouTuber and Twitter user Reformed Christian Apologist published a video on his channel which attempted to debunk the Documentary Hypothesis. As one who finds the Hypothesis to be a compelling explanation for the origin of the Torah, I watched it with great interest. But ultimately I did not find RC's case convincing.... Continue Reading →

Richard Elliot Friedman: From Puzzling Passages to Various Sources

Richard Elliot Friedman, Who Wrote the Bible? (HarperOne, 1997), 241, 242. We have come a considerable distance from the early hints of the medieval scholars. What began as an interest in some puzzling passages in the Five Books of Moses led to the suggestion that a few lines of those books were not by Moses himself. This... Continue Reading →

Bart Ehrman on the Sources Behind the Hebrew Bible

Recently New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman was asked for recommendations on the construction of the Hebrew Bible. He recommends a number of books. First, some bibliography.   There are a number of college-level textbooks for those interested in the field (one doesn’t have to be in college to read them!  Among other things they have the... Continue Reading →

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