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Musings on Mark: A Closer Look at Mark 6:45-52, part 2

In the last “Musings on Mark” we began taking a closer look at Mark 6:45-52. Today we finish up looking at that passage. “He Intended to Pass Them By” We left off in the last post with Jesus seeing the struggle of the disciples… Continue Reading “Musings on Mark: A Closer Look at Mark 6:45-52, part 2”

Musings on Mark: Jesus’ Return to Nazareth

I recently finished working through the Greek text of Mark 6:1-6a, a passage that highlights Jesus’ rejection by those closest to him. The pericope follows a “sandwich story” wherein Jesus is asked to heal a sick twelve-year old girl, is interrupted by the incredible… Continue Reading “Musings on Mark: Jesus’ Return to Nazareth”