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Joel Marcus: No External Evidence for the Barabbas Incident

Joel Marcus, Mark 8-16: A New Translation with Introduction and Commentary (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2009), 930. While it is probable…that some members of the Jewish hierarchy pressed Pilate to put Jesus to death (Mark 15:1, 3, 11), and while a revolutionary… Continue Reading “Joel Marcus: No External Evidence for the Barabbas Incident”

The Weekly Round up – 11.9.18

“Jesus’ followers are to abandon any and all means of procuring a socio-economic livelihood, or more accurately conceiving of a livelihood in socio-economic terms.”  – Steven DiMattei Over at his blog, biblical scholar Steven DiMattei has begun a series exploring what he believes… Continue Reading “The Weekly Round up – 11.9.18”