The Towering Arrogance of Cheap Apologetics: Heather Schuldt, Moses, and the Documentary Hypothesis

"In the fall of 2018, the problem of Wellhausen’s teaching and his followers came to my attention while working on my master’s degree." - Heather Schuldt on 10.28.181 When I was around ten or eleven I kept a red notebook filled with my musings on issues related to the Bible and Christianity. It included commentaries... Continue Reading →

Now I Have Seen Your Offspring!

There is a moving scene that appears toward the end of the book of Genesis involving the ageing and ailing patriarch Jacob, his long-lost son Joseph, and Joseph's two children. Joseph is told that his father is ill and so he takes Manasseh and Ephraim, his two sons, to see Jacob. Jacob is lying in... Continue Reading →

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