Evangelical Eisegesis: SJ Thomason and “God’s Promises,” part 4

This is the fourth post in a seven-part series responding to the blog post "Babylon Will Never Be Inhabited" by pop-apologist S. J. Thomason. You can read the third post here. All biblical citations are from the English Standard Version (Crossway, 2001) unless otherwise noted. GOD'S PROMISE #4 - "I WILL REBUILD THIS TEMPLE IN... Continue Reading →

Evangelical Eisegesis: SJ Thomason and “God’s Promises,” part 1

The last post I did on "Evangelical Eisegesis" covered the Twitter ramblings of Greg Locke, the veritable gift that keeps on giving. Today's post will cover a similar fountain of fallaciousness who I've briefly dealt with before on this blog: SJ Thomason. Thomason runs around Twitter with the moniker "Christian Apologist" and she can be... Continue Reading →

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