“They Pierced My Hands and Feet” – A Brief Reply to @Cato_37 on Psalm 22 and the LXX

Both of my readers know that I am a glutton for punishment. If I’m not wading into the waters of bad Christian apologetics or exegesis, then I’m drowning in the waters of bad atheist exegesis. Today’s post will be the former.  On Twitter I followed an exchange between some atheists and a Christian with the... Continue Reading →

The Weekly Roundup – 11.2.18

Check these out, comrades! Twitter user @bibhistctxt continues his series over at his blog on ancient Israelite origins in "Israelite Origins: Late Date Exodus." The "late date" for the Exodus is sometime during the 13th century BCE, before 1207 and after 1270 or so. I briefly addressed some of the issues involved last year in... Continue Reading →

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