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The Weekly Roundup – 1.25.19

Over on his blog Charles Payet has a post entitled “It’s the End of the World as We Knew It.“ Overall, it is a rather pessimistic piece and one with which I cannot help but sympathize. The very real threat of climate change, for example,… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 1.25.19”

One Helluva Ride: The Triumphal Entry in the Gospel of Matthew

I was recently in a Twitter discussion with Twitter users @colinburgess and @bibhistctxt who had commented on this post I made: "The disciples went and did as Jesus had directed them; they brought the donkey and the colt, and put their cloaks on them, and… Continue Reading “One Helluva Ride: The Triumphal Entry in the Gospel of Matthew”

Evangelical Eisegesis: SJ Thomason and “God’s Promises,” part 5

This is the fifth post in a seven-part series responding to the blog post “Babylon Will Never Be Inhabited” by pop-apologist S. J. Thomason. You can read the fourth post here.. All biblical citations are from the English Standard Version (Crossway, 2001) unless otherwise… Continue Reading “Evangelical Eisegesis: SJ Thomason and “God’s Promises,” part 5″

Sealed by God: Who Are the 144,000 in Revelation 7?

Apart from the first few chapters of Genesis, no other book of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures has been so hotly debated as the book of Revelation. The reason for this is obvious from even a cursory reading: the book is filled with strange… Continue Reading “Sealed by God: Who Are the 144,000 in Revelation 7?”

Musings on Mark: John the Locust Eater

καὶ ἦν ὁ Ἰωάννης ἐνδεδυμένος τρίχας καμήλου καὶ ζώνην δερματίνην περὶ τὴν ὀσφὺν αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐσθίων ἀκρίδας καὶ μέλι ἄγριον. Mark 1:6 I have a memory of ten-year old me riding on my bike in my neighborhood and accidentally inhaling a fly. For some… Continue Reading “Musings on Mark: John the Locust Eater”

Matthew’s Vision of Jesus: Jesus is the New Israel

Many things could be said about the Gospel of Matthew but perhaps the most obvious is its attempt to portray Jesus as the new and better Israel. Let me explain. Throughout the book, the author either alludes to or explicitly cites biblical passages that… Continue Reading “Matthew’s Vision of Jesus: Jesus is the New Israel”