Tim Bayne: An Objection to Atemporalism

Tim Bayne, Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2018), 21. A second objection to atemporalism is rather more serious. The objection in question is that atemporalism is difficult to reconcile with the claim that God is personal. As the philosopher Grace Jantzen has put it, 'A timeless and immutable God could not... Continue Reading →

Justin Scheiber on Divine Omnipotence

Justin Scheiber of Real Atheology discusses in a video from 2016 the different definitions of omnipotence as it relates to theism. Scheiber shows how three common definitions of omnipotence are highly problematic. On a similar note, I am looking forward to the publication of Tim Mawson's Divine Attributes in the Elements on the Philosophy of Religion series... Continue Reading →

Surprising God

The standard view of the Christian God is that he is all-knowing or omniscient. The Westminster Confession of Faith, the standard-bearer of orthodox belief among those in the Reformed community, says of God that he has completely sovereign dominion over all things and does with, to, or for them whatever he pleases. Everything is revealed and... Continue Reading →

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