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The Weekly Roundup – 1.25.19

Over on his blog Charles Payet has a post entitled “It’s the End of the World as We Knew It.“ Overall, it is a rather pessimistic piece and one with which I cannot help but sympathize. The very real threat of climate change, for example,… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 1.25.19”

Book Review: ‘The Case for Miracles’ by Lee Strobel, part 5b

In part one of my review of Lee Strobel’s The Case for Miracles I covered chapters 1-3, a section featuring Strobel’s interview of the skeptic Michael Shermer. In part two I covered chapters 4-6 featuring his interview with Craig Keener. In part three I covered… Continue Reading “Book Review: ‘The Case for Miracles’ by Lee Strobel, part 5b”

Tim Bayne: Can We Explain Fine-Tuning?

Tim Bayne, Philosophy of Religion: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2018), 37-38. Let us grant then that the fine-tuning facts require explanation. Can science provide the necessary explanation? Many physicists and philosophers argue that it can. The most influential response here appeals to… Continue Reading “Tim Bayne: Can We Explain Fine-Tuning?”