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Musings on Mark: Markan Christology – Introduction

INTRODUCTION If you were to ask my dad how he became a Christian, he would no doubt tell you about his friend who handed him a King James Version New Testament and asked him to read the Gospel of John. As a single dad… Continue Reading “Musings on Mark: Markan Christology – Introduction”

Amateur Exegesis – Episode 5: Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen, part 2

Texts Discussed: Mark 1:16-20; John 1:28-2:1. Recommended Reading George R. Beasley-Murray, John, second edition, WBC vol. 36 (Thomas Nelson, 1999), 36-38. Kyle Keefer, The New Testament as Literature: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 23-28. Elizabeth Struthers Malbon, In the Company of Jesus:… Continue Reading “Amateur Exegesis – Episode 5: Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen, part 2”

Amateur Exegesis – Episode 2: Origin Stories, part 1

Texts discussed:┬áMark 1:9-11, John 1:1-18. Recommended reading:  Paula Fredriksen, From Jesus to Christ: The Origins of the New Testament Images of Jesus (Yale University Press, 1988), 19-26, 44-52. Jon D. Levenson, Sinai & Zion: An Entry Into the Jewish Bible (HarperOne,1985), 154-156. Joel Marcus,… Continue Reading “Amateur Exegesis – Episode 2: Origin Stories, part 1”

Water into Grape Juice?

In John’s telling of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, the very first public miracle he performs is at a wedding celebration in Cana, a small town in Galilee. Compare this with the first miracles in the other Gospels: in Mark it… Continue Reading “Water into Grape Juice?”