Biblical Historical Context: Intro to Israelite Origins

Over at his blog Biblical Historical Context, Twitter user and all-around good guy @bibhistctxt has started a series exploring the complex and controversial subject of the origins of Israel. His main audience appears to be fellow Christians but even those who don’t believe will get a lot out of what he writes. (Unless some kind of Israel Mythicism is born at which time I will completely give up hope for humanity.) 

In this series we’re not going to pretend that this isn’t a complicated area. We’re not going to try to “explain away” difficulties. And we’re not going to pretend that we know more than those who study this stuff for a living. We’re going to take a look at the facts, and see what the relevant experts have to say on the matter.

That last sentence may be upsetting to the various pop-apologists on Twitter who prefer to consult anyone except the experts, citing Lee Strobel or J Warner Wallace. But if you want to get to the truth of a matter, you have to go to those who have actually put in the work. One thing that readers of this series from @bibhistctxt should look for are the endnotes wherein you will find plenty of volumes to put on your Amazon wishlist.

You can read the rest of his post here.

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