Katapetasma (Blogger): The Healing of the Nations and the Exorcism in Gerasa

Katapetasma, “The Demonized Gerasene and the Paganized Greek: Eschatological Allegory in Mark 5:1-20” (8.17.20), scribesofthekingdom686237748.wordpress.com.

When the Gerasene man is at last healed and the Legion is expelled into the sea, he comes to represent Greeks cured of idolatry and relieved of its symptoms (cf. Revelation 22:2). Like the nations liberated from the power of the old gods, freed from slavery to the elementary principles of the world (Galatians 4:3), the ex-demoniac apprehends the God-given faculties of mind and body (Mark 5:15). In him, the scepter of pagan spiritual power, and thus pagan political power, is broken proleptically. The gentile can now freely subject himself to God’s servant, the one appointed as lord of the nations (Mark 5:18-20, cf. Romans 15:11-12, Luke 2:30-32). The formerly-demonized Gerasene can “beg that he might be with” Jesus as a disciple. 

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