Biblical Studies Carnival #198 (August 2022)

It’s hard to believe summer is pretty much over, though here in Louisiana we’ll experience temperatures in the 90s well into late September and maybe even October. The end of summer means that students are heading back to classes and so teachers/professors are in teaching mode. Sometimes we reap the benefits of that in the form of blog posts, videos, etc. And so you’ll find below a collection of links from many a scholar (and a few amateurs) covering two general areas: Hebrew Bible/ANE/LXX and New Testament/Early Christianity. (I could have probably broken them down further but I’m running the show this month!) At the end you’ll also find an “In Memoriam” that covers a few recent deaths.

If you would like to host a carnival, please contact Phil Long either on Twitter (@Plong42) or via email ( He’s in charge of keeping the carnival running and is always looking for bloggers who would like to host it. As of right now, I don’t think he has any for the next few months. But it’s a great way to generate traffic for your website so please consider hosting it.

Hebrew Bible/ANE/LXX

New Testament/Early Christianity

In Memoriam 

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