Katapetasma: The Meaning of John 1:14

Katapetasma, “The word made flesh: An early daimonic christology” (1.2.23), scribesofthekingdom.com:

At issue here [in John 1:14] then is not a metaphysical transformation—of divine Word into human flesh—but a revelatory one—from a word unknown to a word disclosed, an imperceptible murmur to a comprehensible voice. Like a man entering the assembly or a tent pitched in the camp, God’s word appeared to Jacob in glory when Jesus came up from those waters endowed with startling power from heaven. Having come to wield this daimonic force against the unclean spirits plaguing Israel, his fame would “spread everywhere throughout all the surrounding region of Galilee” (Mark 1:28). God’s word had taken on flesh.

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