Michael Kok on Whether Mark Was a “Pauline Gospel”

I’m slow to catch up, but New Testament scholar Michael Kok published a series of posts at his website querying whether the Markan Gospel is “Pauline.” Many scholars think that the author of the Gospel of Mark was influenced in one way or another by Paul or Pauline Christianity. In some cases, this influence is viewed as very direct. (Mythicists love to argue for this.) Given that Paul wrote before any of the Gospels appeared on the scene, this isn’t that far fetched, at least on those grounds. But what about in particulars?

That’s where Kok chimes in. He surveys five subjects about which both Mark and Paul had something to say: Christology, the cross, the law, the disciples, and the gospel. With each he attempts to show that there is some theological distance Paul on the one hand and the Markan Evangelist on the other. To round out the series, he writes about the implications of his work, noting that

the assumption that Paul has singlehanded influenced (positively or negatively) all the writers that came after him overestimates the extent of his influence. This is just repeating the tired thesis that Paul was somehow the “founder of Christianity” that needs to finally be laid to rest. 

Amen to that.

So, take some time out this coming weekend and have a look at what Kok has to say. It’ll at least get you thinking!

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