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Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)

How is it October already? Don’t get me wrong – October contains what is probably my favorite holiday: Halloween. But it just seems like this year has flown by. Or, more accurately, that the years have flown by. My oldest is in eighth grade… Continue Reading “Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)”

Biblical Studies Carnival #181 (March 2021)

Biblical Studies Carnival #181 (March 2021)

The Most Recent Biblical Studies Carnival (#178)

For those who need some reading material, Peter Goeman (PhD, The Master’s Seminary) has posted the most recent iteration of the Biblical Studies Carnival which includes a section on Christmas. This carnival also includes some more conservative evangelical authors than I care to read… Continue Reading “The Most Recent Biblical Studies Carnival (#178)”

The May 2020 Biblical Studies Carnival

Over at The Library Musings website, Bobby Howell has put together the most recent iteration of the Biblical Studies Carnival. For those unfamiliar with the Carnival, it is basically a collection of links to recently produced material connected to biblical studies, whether it be… Continue Reading “The May 2020 Biblical Studies Carnival”

The Weekly Roundup – 2.7.20

You didn’t want it, ask for it, or need it, but nevertheless the Weekly Roundup has returned! Andre Gagne (PhD, Université catholique de Louvain/Université de Montréal) posted the first in a series on eschatology entitled “Unraveling the ‘End Times,’” complete with that charming Canadian… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 2.7.20”

Biblical Studies Carnival 163 (August 2019)

As John the Baptist was one crying out in the desert, pointing people to the one who was greater, so too I, as a mere Amateur Exegete, am pointing to people who possess far greater knowledge of the biblical texts and related subjects than… Continue Reading “Biblical Studies Carnival 163 (August 2019)”

The Weekly Roundup – 6.7.19

“When Jesus calls Herod Antipas a ‘fox’ (Luke 13:32), most modern European readers will automatically think this means he considered Herod to be particularly clever or craft….The same association would naturally have occurred to a Greek reader in the 1st century. In Greek literature,… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 6.7.19”

The Weekly Roundup – 5.31.19

“The ‘Amalgam Jesus’ idea boils down to little more than hand waving. It is a vague and grudging admission that there may be some historical kernels in the story, but a rather muddle-headed attempt to keep this from becoming an acceptance that there was… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 5.31.19”

The Weekly Roundup – 5.3.19

It’s gotten all mixed up, you see, as it was bound to after thousands and thousands of years of dogma and tradition. Religion doesn’t spawn morality. Intelligence spawns morality,which inevitably gives birth (in intelligent enough species) to religion.Now, some people find that religion helps hone… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 5.3.19”

The Weekly Roundup – 2.8.19

“The assertion by the opposing narrative that Elijah’s wife was a prostitute and later, that Elijah ate her son, does seem a little over the top and may indicate that the opposing narrative itself was propaganda and was responding to an even earlier narrative.… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 2.8.19”