Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)

How is it October already? Don’t get me wrong – October contains what is probably my favorite holiday: Halloween. But it just seems like this year has flown by. Or, more accurately, that the years have flown by. My oldest is in eighth grade and my youngest just started kindergarten. And with the COVID pandemic, it feels like I worry for them more than I ever have. These gray hairs aren’t just for show!

This month I have the distinct honor of publishing the 187th iteration of the Biblical Studies Carnival. This is my third time hosting and I really enjoy doing it. You’ll notice a heavy emphasis on topics related to the New Testament. This is for two reasons. First, I tend to pay more attention to New Testament related topics as a force of habit. Second, it seemed like there was more put out in the month of September on the New Testament than on the Hebrew Bible, Apocryphal literature, and other non-NT related subjects. (Or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. I am an amateur after all!)

In any event, I hope you enjoy my contribution this month.

Hebrew Bible/Hebrew Bible Background

Apocrypha/Dead Sea Scrolls

New Testament and Early Christian Literature


Well, that’s it for this month! If you’re interested in hosting the carnival on your blog, contact Phil Long either on Twitter (@Plong42) or by email ( It’s a great way to showcase your website and it exposes you to the work of others across the blogosphere and more. Dr. Long is looking for people to host in 2022. So, reach out to him and sign up!

In the meantime, here’s who is hosting the carnival in the next few months:

188 October 2021 (Due November 1) –  Jim West,  Zwingli Redivivus  @drjewest
189 November 2021 (Due December 1)  – Bob MacDonald at Dust  @drmacdonald
190 December 2021 (Due January 1) – Phillip Long, Reading Acts  @plong42

3 thoughts on “Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)

  1. Thanks for this, Ben!

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  2. Thanks for promoting The Two Testaments podcast! We hope your readers enjoy our first season on Job and Romans. We have some great guests.

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