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The Roundup – 11.6.21

Over at Psephizo, Ian Paul looks at Mark 9:30-37 including, among other things, a comparison of this section with the so-called Community Rule found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. After a two-year hiatus, @StudyofChrist has returned to Twitter and to YouTube. I’m excited about… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 11.6.21”

Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)

How is it October already? Don’t get me wrong – October contains what is probably my favorite holiday: Halloween. But it just seems like this year has flown by. Or, more accurately, that the years have flown by. My oldest is in eighth grade… Continue Reading “Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)”

The Roundup – 9.4.21

I’ve decided to resurrect the “roundup” posts that I used to put out a long time ago. This time, however, rather than being weekly, it’ll be whenever I feel like putting one out. (Cut me some slack. I ain’t getting paid for this!) “The… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 9.4.21”