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The Roundup – 6.4.22

The May 2022 Biblical Studies Carnival (#195) was posted by Bob McDonald on the first of this month. You’ll find a lot of great links there! Over at Urbs and Polis, Christy Cobb gives an overview of slavery in the Greco-Roman world.One of the problematic aspects of slavery… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 6.4.22”

The Roundup – 5.7.22

The Roundup – 5.7.22 Biblical Studies Carnival #194 was posted by Brent Niedergall and fans of the Star Wars franchise will love it. Sure, it has your standard list of posts related to biblical studies released in the month of April. But it also has a bunch… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 5.7.22”

The Roundup – 3.1.22

The January 2022 Biblical Studies Carnival was published by Jim West on February 1st. There are dozens of links and so if you’re needing free reading material head on over to West’s website and check out what he rounded up for readers. (I’ll be responsible for… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 3.1.22”

The Roundup – 2.1.22

Over at his blog Scribes of the Kingdom, blogger Katapetasma examined the Lukan parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:29-37). Rather than seeing the story as a lesson in how to treat non-Jews, he views it as “an accusatorial invitation” in which Jesus calls his opponents to… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 2.1.22”

The Roundup – 11.6.21

Over at Psephizo, Ian Paul looks at Mark 9:30-37 including, among other things, a comparison of this section with the so-called Community Rule found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. After a two-year hiatus, @StudyofChrist has returned to Twitter and to YouTube. I’m excited about… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 11.6.21”

Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)

How is it October already? Don’t get me wrong – October contains what is probably my favorite holiday: Halloween. But it just seems like this year has flown by. Or, more accurately, that the years have flown by. My oldest is in eighth grade… Continue Reading “Biblical Studies Carnival #187 (September 2021)”

The Roundup – 9.4.21

I’ve decided to resurrect the “roundup” posts that I used to put out a long time ago. This time, however, rather than being weekly, it’ll be whenever I feel like putting one out. (Cut me some slack. I ain’t getting paid for this!) “The… Continue Reading “The Roundup – 9.4.21”