Where Can You Find Biblical Studies Carnival #205

The answer to that question is simple: NT Wrong’s long-silent website The Biblioblog Top 50. The last time anyone read a post on that site (so far as I can tell) was 2018! Wrong (a clever pseudonym) has put together a really good Carnival that is at points pretty funny. For example, their not-so-subtle jab at Alan Garrow and Matthean Posteriority.

As an aside, is NT Wrong Mark Goodacre? Am I just so out of the loop on this that it’s the best kept secret in the biblioblog sphere? The location in Durham, NC (Duke?), the jab alluding to the Farrer Hypothesis, the ABBA obsession. This is Goodacre, right? RIGHT?!?! WHO IS BEHIND THE MASK?!?

In any event, Wrong (*wink, wink*) includes some really good links, including to yours truly and my podcast Bible Study for Amateurs. It is much appreciated. But don’t check it out for my stuff alone but for all the other great links to blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcasts you’ll find there.

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