Musings on Mark: Mark vs Matthew vs John on Jesus Walking on Water

One of the few stories shared by both the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John is the story of Jesus walking upon water. (Well, almost all of the Synoptics - Luke omits it.) Each version is different in one way or another. The Markan Version The Markan version (Mark 6:45-52) comes on the heels... Continue Reading →

Musings on Mark: The Demise of John the Baptist

The story of the death of John the Baptist feels like a hiccup in the narrative flow of Mark's Gospel. In 6:6b-13 we read of Jesus sending out the Twelve to preach the message of repentance as well as to perform exorcisms and healings. Then in 6:30 they return to Jesus and "told him all... Continue Reading →

Musings on Mark: The Sea of Galilee

This week's "Musings on Mark" is not so much my musings but those of Paul Davidson over at his website Is That in the Bible? A couple of years ago he posted a piece entitled "Did Mark Invent the Sea of Galilee?" which explores why a small lake in northern Israel becomes a thalassa ("sea") in the Markan Gospel.... Continue Reading →

Musings on Mark: Jesus’ Return to Nazareth

I recently finished working through the Greek text of Mark 6:1-6a, a passage that highlights Jesus' rejection by those closest to him. The pericope follows a "sandwich story" wherein Jesus is asked to heal a sick twelve-year old girl, is interrupted by the incredible act of faith on the part of a woman who had... Continue Reading →

Musings on Mark: ‘Ekballo’

Sixteen times in the Gospel of Mark we read the Greek word ekballo, a verb that is a compound of the preposition ek and the verb ballo. Before we look at ekballo we should address some grammar related issues. First, what is a preposition? Prepositions are function words which assist substantives in expressing their case relationship.1 For example, in the... Continue Reading →

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