Musings on Mark: The Sea of Galilee

This week's "Musings on Mark" is not so much my musings but those of Paul Davidson over at his website Is That in the Bible? A couple of years ago he posted a piece entitled "Did Mark Invent the Sea of Galilee?" which explores why a small lake in northern Israel becomes a thalassa ("sea") in the Markan Gospel.... Continue Reading →

Musings on Mark: Jesus’ Return to Nazareth

I recently finished working through the Greek text of Mark 6:1-6a, a passage that highlights Jesus' rejection by those closest to him. The pericope follows a "sandwich story" wherein Jesus is asked to heal a sick twelve-year old girl, is interrupted by the incredible act of faith on the part of a woman who had... Continue Reading →

Musings on Mark: ‘Ekballo’

Sixteen times in the Gospel of Mark we read the Greek word ekballo, a verb that is a compound of the preposition ek and the verb ballo. Before we look at ekballo we should address some grammar related issues. First, what is a preposition? Prepositions are function words which assist substantives in expressing their case relationship.1 For example, in the... Continue Reading →

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