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A Request for a Sign from Heaven (Errant Bible #2)

An examination of one of my favorite contradictions in the Bible. Did Jesus tell his opponents he would not give a sign to them (Mark 8:11-13) or did he refuse to give any sign except one – the sign of Jonah (Matthew 16:1-4)?

3 Bad Reasons to Believe the Bible Is Inerrant

Dr. Danny Akin has three reasons for believing the Bible is free from error. And they’re really bad.

Amateur Hour w/the Amateur Exegete: Episode #1 – The Trouble with Inerrancy (w/the Non-Alchemist)

It’s the inaugural episode of ‘Amateur Hour w/the Amateur Exegete!’

Musings on Mark: A Promising New Series on the Gospel of Mark

Over on Twitter, I was recently followed by @bibleautopsy. It must have slipped under my radar because I didn’t look into their profile, nor did I follow back. But after I saw a tweet in which they tagged Joshua Bowen, I wanted to see… Continue Reading “Musings on Mark: A Promising New Series on the Gospel of Mark”

A Conversation with Non-Alchemist

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of speaking with @AlchemistNon over on his YouTube channel. Topics included deconversion, inerrancy, contradictions in the Bible, philosophy of religion, and more. For those unfamiliar with @AlchemistNon, he is an agnostic who has had a similar trajectory religiously… Continue Reading “A Conversation with Non-Alchemist”

Did John Know the Synoptics? The Latest Episode of NT Review

The most recent episode of New Testament Review is a crossover with Mark Goodacre’s NT Pod and covers Percy Gardner Smith’s Saint John and the Synoptic Gospels. Readers of the canonical Gospels know that the fourth Gospel is an odd duck. Some have suggested that it was composed without… Continue Reading “Did John Know the Synoptics? The Latest Episode of NT Review”

Jade Sylvan on the Gospels as “Fan Fiction”

In the Spring/Summer 2018 edition of the Harvard Divinity Bulletin there is an interesting piece by Jade Sylvan, an MDiv student at Harvard Divinity School, discussing what the Gospels share in common with the modern literary genre of fan fiction. They write, As a… Continue Reading “Jade Sylvan on the Gospels as “Fan Fiction””

Revisiting the Death(s) of Judas: Triggerman’s Novel Approach

INTRODUCTION Earlier this year I wrote a short piece on the Matthean and Lukan versions of the death of Judas (Matthew 27:3-10, Acts 1:18-19).[1] In it I argued that the two accounts are fundamentally incompatible and that the standard attempts to reconcile them fall flat… Continue Reading “Revisiting the Death(s) of Judas: Triggerman’s Novel Approach”

The Weekly Roundup – 10.25.19

Note: This will be the final Weekly Roundup of 2019. Claude Mariottini recently posted a piece explaining why the common Christian interpretation of Melchizedek as a Christophany doesn’t add up and serves to undermine the claims made in the book of Hebrews that Jesus… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 10.25.19”

Amateur Exegesis – Episode 1: Something’s Off

The inaugural episode of my new podcast Amateur Exegesis has arrived!