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A Conversation with Ruben on ‘Placebo Effect’

This past Friday I had the privilege of talking with Ruben of Placebo Effect. Ruben is a former atheist who became a Christian and he invited me on to talk about my journey from Christianity to atheism. We also got onto a fun tangent… Continue Reading “A Conversation with Ruben on ‘Placebo Effect’”

Amateur Hour w/the Amateur Exegete #3 – The Problems with Creationism w/Jackson Wheat

Just how problematic is creationism? To answer that question, I invited Jackson Wheat to join me for this episode of Amateur Hour.

Conversation with Jackson Wheat on Stephen Meyer’s Book ‘Darwin’s Doubt’

A conversation with Jackson Wheat about Intelligent Design and the work of Stephen Meyer.

A Conversation with Kameron Mazurek on the ‘Religious Learning’ Podcast

This past week I was interviewed by Kameron Mazurek of the Religious Learning podcast on topics mainly related to the Gospel of Mark and the first season of my podcast Amateur Exegesis. Mazurek is a great interviewer and his podcast, which is still in… Continue Reading “A Conversation with Kameron Mazurek on the ‘Religious Learning’ Podcast”

A Conversation with Non-Alchemist About Season 2 of ‘Amateur Exegesis’

This past Sunday (December 6, 2020) I was invited to talk about the upcoming season of my podcast Amateur Exegesis over at the Non-Alchemist’s YouTube channel. As I discuss in this conversation, season two will focus on the apostle Paul, using the epistle of… Continue Reading “A Conversation with Non-Alchemist About Season 2 of ‘Amateur Exegesis’”

A Brief Response to Praise I Am That I Am by a “Disgruntled Apostate”

“Entirely out of place is obscene, silly, and vulgar talk; but instead, let there be thanksgiving.”– Ephesians 5:4 (NRSV) “At least liberal scholars have some type of accreditation to validate what they say. You don’t have shit….”– YouTube personality Praise I Am That I Am… Continue Reading “A Brief Response to Praise I Am That I Am by a “Disgruntled Apostate””

Text of Triggerman’s Recent Talk

Today Triggerman posted the content of his talk that he gave at the same event in which I gave my own. You can find it here. I won’t offer any commentary at this time other than to say Triggerman’s worldview and the worldview I… Continue Reading “Text of Triggerman’s Recent Talk”

My Interview with Purple Pill Philosophy

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to go on the channel Purple Pill Philosophy and discuss a variety of topics including my journey from belief to unbelief, the historical Jesus (and Mythicism), the Exodus, the Gospel of Mark, and more. It was a great… Continue Reading “My Interview with Purple Pill Philosophy”

My Conversation with Jackson Wheat

This morning I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jackson Wheat, a YouTuber and student of evolutionary theory, on a variety of subjects related to the Bible including the days of Genesis, the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke, Leviathan, henotheism, and more.… Continue Reading “My Conversation with Jackson Wheat”