My Conversation with Jackson Wheat

This morning I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jackson Wheat, a YouTuber and student of evolutionary theory, on a variety of subjects related to the Bible including the days of Genesis, the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke, Leviathan, henotheism, and more. It should go without saying that I spoke as a non-scholar (since I am, after all, the Amateur Exegete), but I hope I offered some clarity and insight into those topics.

If you haven’t subscribed to Jackson’s channel, you should do so now. (Or, if you’re like me and thought you had already subscribed, you should fix that and actually subscribe.) He has some fascinating content for science enthusiasts and at times you can find him dealing with Young Earth Creationists, a headache for most of us but Jackson seems to handle it fairly well!

Jackson also told me that I’m the first interview of 2020 for him so I’m happy to say it’s only uphill for him from here!

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