My Conversation with Jackson Wheat

This morning I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jackson Wheat, a YouTuber and student of evolutionary theory, on a variety of subjects related to the Bible including the days of Genesis, the birth narratives in Matthew and Luke, Leviathan, henotheism, and more. It should go without saying that I spoke as a non-scholar... Continue Reading →

Michael D. Coogan: Genesis 1:2 and Enuma Elish

Michael D. Coogan, The Old Testament: A Historical and Literary Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, third edition (OUP, 2014), 38. The second verse of Genesis seems to allude to the battle between the storm god and the primeval sea, found in Enuma Elish and in other ancient Near Eastern sources: "Darkness was on the face of Deep... Continue Reading →

Pixels and Papyrus on Ancient Israelite Cosmology

Thanks to some of my Christian friends on Twitter I came across the YouTube channel pixels and papyrus. On that channel you will find some fantastic videos, including a very illuminating one on Leviathan as well as one on behemoth. Just recently, pixels and papyrus posted a video discussing the cosmology of ancient Israel and defended the... Continue Reading →

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