Pixels and Papyrus on Ancient Israelite Cosmology

Thanks to some of my Christian friends on Twitter I came across the YouTube channel pixels and papyrus. On that channel you will find some fantastic videos, including a very illuminating one on Leviathan as well as one on behemoth.

Just recently, pixels and papyrus posted a video discussing the cosmology of ancient Israel and defended the view that the Bible reflects an ANE understanding of cosmology over against a more modern concordist view like that of Hugh Ross or other creationists, young earth and old. In my final years as a Christian theist I came to understand that the Bible is describing the world as the ancient writers understood it and since they were embedded in the culture of the region they would not have seen any of the advanced scientific concepts that are read back into it by many evangelicals and fundamentalists. This video bolsters that understanding and does it with amazing clarity. Check it out!

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