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O, Christmas Tree! (Evangelical [Atheist] Eisegesis #2)

Does Jeremiah 10 forbid the use of Christmas trees? Let’s take a look.

There Was No Spain? (Evangelical [Atheist] Eisegesis #1)

The “Exposing Religion” Facebook group seems to think Paul couldn’t have gone to Spain (Romans 15:24, 28) because it didn’t exist. Yikes!

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: ‘The Skeptics Annotated Bible’ (#3)

Part 3 of an ongoing series covering the ‘Skeptics Annotated Bible’ by Steve Wells.

Bart Ehrman on Why He (an Atheist) Teaches the Bible

Over at his blog, biblical scholar Bart Ehrman addressed a question asked of him by a parent wondering why he should send his son to the university where Ehrman teaches to take his class on the Bible if Ehrman doesn’t actually believe in the… Continue Reading “Bart Ehrman on Why He (an Atheist) Teaches the Bible”

A Conversation with Non-Alchemist

Yesterday evening I had the privilege of speaking with @AlchemistNon over on his YouTube channel. Topics included deconversion, inerrancy, contradictions in the Bible, philosophy of religion, and more. For those unfamiliar with @AlchemistNon, he is an agnostic who has had a similar trajectory religiously… Continue Reading “A Conversation with Non-Alchemist”

The God of Conservative Christianity (Probably) Doesn’t Exist: AlchemistNon’s Argument

Last month, blogger @AlchemistNon wrote a piece entitled “Is Yahweh a Perfect Being?” in which he argues that the god of conservative Christianity does not exist. The deductive argument he puts forward (based on an argument offered by Christian apologist Randal Rauser in a… Continue Reading “The God of Conservative Christianity (Probably) Doesn’t Exist: AlchemistNon’s Argument”

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Samson and the Lion

For similar posts, see “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis.“ It seems like social media these days is little more than memes, and if you’re getting your Bible from memes, well, you should expect problems. Here is a recent one that appeared on Twitter.  I first came… Continue Reading “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Samson and the Lion”

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Unicorns in the Bible

For similar posts, see “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis.“ I am an atheist. This means that I do not believe there are any gods in existence. Am I 100% certain about this? No. But on balance I find it more likely than not that the god… Continue Reading “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Unicorns in the Bible”

Bart Ehrman: Apocalypticism and Human Suffering

Bart D. Ehrman, Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2020), 106-107. It [i.e. suffering] would make sense if there were no God. Or if there were many gods, some of whom were nasty. But how can it… Continue Reading “Bart Ehrman: Apocalypticism and Human Suffering”

Josh Bowen’s Interview of John Collins on Violence in the Bible

Over on the Digital Hammurabi YouTube Channel, Josh Bowen (PhD, John Hopkins University) interviewed renowned biblical scholar John J. Collins (PhD, Harvard University) on the subject of violence in the Hebrew Bible. Collins is the author of multiple books including the phenomenal textbook The… Continue Reading “Josh Bowen’s Interview of John Collins on Violence in the Bible”