The Varieties of Atheism

It should come as no surprise that I identify as an atheist. That is, on the question of whether there are any gods (i.e., theism), my answer is no. I do not believe there are any gods and I believe that no gods exist. But the word “atheist” hasn’t always referred to one who rejected theism. The word itself has evolved over the course of that least couple of millennia. Over at the YouTube channel Answers in Reason, Davidian has put out an excellent overview of the history of “atheism” and the many varieties of it (e.g., hard atheism, agnostic atheism, lacktheism, propositional atheism, and so on).

While my blog is not a philosophy of religion site per se, from time to find I feel the need to commend to both of my readers something related to that field. This video is one of them. Enjoy!

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