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There Was No Spain? (Evangelical [Atheist] Eisegesis #1)

The “Exposing Religion” Facebook group seems to think Paul couldn’t have gone to Spain (Romans 15:24, 28) because it didn’t exist. Yikes!

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: ‘The Skeptics Annotated Bible’ (#3)

Part 3 of an ongoing series covering the ‘Skeptics Annotated Bible’ by Steve Wells.

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Samson and the Lion

For similar posts, see “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis.“ It seems like social media these days is little more than memes, and if you’re getting your Bible from memes, well, you should expect problems. Here is a recent one that appeared on Twitter.  I first came… Continue Reading “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Samson and the Lion”

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Unicorns in the Bible

For similar posts, see “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis.“ I am an atheist. This means that I do not believe there are any gods in existence. Am I 100% certain about this? No. But on balance I find it more likely than not that the god… Continue Reading “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: Unicorns in the Bible”

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: ‘The Skeptics Annotated Bible’ (#2)

For more posts in this series, “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis.“ As is so often the case with atheistic readings of biblical texts, the annotations of Steve Wells in his Skeptic’s Annotated Bible are bewildering. At times, SAB gets things precisely correct, like when it decries what amounts to divinely… Continue Reading “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: ‘The Skeptics Annotated Bible’ (#2)”

Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: ‘The Skeptics Annotated Bible’ (#1)

For more posts in this series, “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis.“ I became an atheist in 2013 after a yearlong battle staving off doubt and unbelief through prayerful meditation over the Bible and by reengaging apologetic literature that had helped me in the past. When my… Continue Reading “Evangelical (Atheist) Eisegesis: ‘The Skeptics Annotated Bible’ (#1)”