An Index to My Response to SJ Thomason on “God’s Promises”

Today I posted seven different pieces responding to the work of SJ Thomason and her blog post entitled “Babylon Will Never Be Inhabited.” This post will serve as an index to which readers can refer to navigate the posts. Keep in mind that I have written over forty-thousand words and so reading the posts in one sitting is not advisable. It would be far better to take them one day at a time.

Part 1 – Deals with Babylon and the book of Jeremiah.

Part 2 – Deals with Joshua and Jericho.

Part 3 – Deals with the Flood myth.

Part 4 – Deals with Jesus and Isaiah 53

Part 5 – Deals with Judas Iscariot and the book of Zechariah

Part 6 – Deals with the Parousia and the meaning of “this generation” in Matthew 24.

Part 7 – Deals with the Nicene Creed.

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