RC Apologist, the Documentary Hypothesis, and My Thoughts on His Response to My Recent Video

In one of his recent Theological Discussions, Reformed Christian Apologist watched my video responding to his “Documentary Hypothesis Debunked: Proving Mosaic Authorship” video and offered his own thoughts and commentary. I appreciate his taking the time to do so. Below you will find my video which offers some of my thoughts on what he said during that Discussion. It is an hour-long and so I doubt the appeal will be all that wide-spread. I’m not sure RC Apologist will even have a chance to listen to it and so for those who can’t here are a couple of summary points:

  • I appreciate RC Apologist accepting criticism and responding to it with humility. For example, in my video I pointed out that the Documentary Hypothesis really falls under the category of source criticism and not textual criticism. He accepted this and though I think there still may be some confusion, it is a step in the right direction!
  • I am still not convinced that he has actually read the relevant literature on the topic for reasons I explain in the video. Some of it has to do with his misunderstanding of source criticism and some of it has to do with his caricature of the Documentary Hypothesis. Either way, I still have some concerns.

Also, in the Discussion RC Apologist stated he wished I had responded to the second half of his video which dealt with Mosaic authorship. I have no plans on doing a video on the subject but, as I state in the video, I’d be more than happy to discuss the issue in one of his Discussions.

As far as RC Apologist’s take on the Documentary Hypothesis is concerned, this will probably be the last I say on the matter. I need to get back to what my true passion is: the Gospel of Mark. But it still a topic I find fascinating and love to engage with others over it.

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