Pamela Eisenbaum on the Brew Theology Podcast

I recently listened to an interview of Pamela Eisenbaum, author of Paul Was Not a Christian, over at the Brew Theology Podcast. In it she discusses the apostle Paul and all the topics related to him: his so-called “conversion,” his beliefs as a Pharisee, his apocalyptic outlook, and more. The interview is in two parts with episode 68 being part 1 and episode 69 being part 2. This is the first time I’ve heard an interview of Eisenbaum and I really enjoyed it. Her view of Paul falls right in line with a lot of other great Pauline scholars including Paula Fredriksen and Mark Nanos.

2 thoughts on “Pamela Eisenbaum on the Brew Theology Podcast

  1. You made a little typo. I think you meant to say “listened” rather than ‘listed’.

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