My Appearance on ‘Apocalypse Here’

This past week I was invited to come on the YouTube channel Apocalypse Here to discuss the question, “What is the Bible?” The channel is run by Jon DePue and Laura Robinson, a pair of knowledgeable scholars who just happen to be married to one another! (Laura you may know from the fantastic podcast New Testament Review that I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog.) You can probably tell that at the beginning of the interview I was pretty nervous. (Thanks, imposter syndrome!) I always get this way, especially when speaking extemporaneously. But Jon and Laura are fantastic interviewers and put me right at ease. Looking back at the few interviews I’ve participated in, I’ve been lucky to have interviewers who make me feel at home. Following the interview, Jon and Laura opened it up and brought on some more guests, some I knew (like my friend @MiraScriptura) and some I didn’t. What ensued was an enlightening conversation about inerrancy, interpretation, and more.

If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, give it a go!

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