Hiatus (and a Milestone!)

Due to some unforeseen circumstances in the “real world,” I’ll be on hiatus from posting for the short term. How long that will be is unknown. It could be days, weeks, or a month. Either way, my presence will be spotty on Twitter and here on the blog and I’ll be even less reliable than I was before. Hopefully everything works out quickly and I can get back to “work.” This blog will not be completely silent, however, as ten more episodes of Bible Study for Amateurs will begin dropping Thursday. (I recorded and scheduled them a couple of months ago.) Be sure to check those out!

I do want to mention that WordPress informed me that the blog has reached 100,000 views since its inception. It’s hard to believe and I am grateful for both of my readers who have put in the hard work of viewing my material 50,000 times each! In all seriousness, thank you to all those who read, watch, listen to, share, and otherwise engage with my minor contribution to the world of biblical studies. It is much appreciated!

If you need to reach me, the best way to do that is via email: amateurexegete@gmail.com. I’ll try to check Twitter DMs when I’m able. See you soon!

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