Bart Ehrman + Megan Lewis = Perfection

Some of you may or may not be aware that Bart Ehrman, the preferred punching bag of pop-apologists everywhere, has launched a new podcast entitled Misquoting Jesus with Bart Ehrman. This is an entirely different enterprise than The Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast, a program that has volunteers read recent posts from Ehrman’s blog. Rather, Misquoting Jesus with Bart Ehrman features the good doctor himself addressing various issues related to biblical studies. And what’s great about it is not simply that we get to hear directly from Ehrman almost weekly but that the podcast’s host is Megan Lewis, an Assyriologist who is part of the Digital Hammurabi team! Lewis is not only brilliant in her own right but she knows how to ask insightful questions and keep the conversation flowing, skills attributable no doubt to the multiple interviews she’s conducted over at the Digital Hammurabi YouTube channel. (She has also written with and edited books by her Assyriologist husband Joshua Bowen.)

If you’re needing some great podcast material, give Ehrman’s and Lewis’s podcast a try. I’ve listened to every episode thus far and have really enjoyed it.

1 thought on “Bart Ehrman + Megan Lewis = Perfection

  1. Thanks for that. I suffer from the criteria of embarrassment if I check in on that channel because five-year-old kids in a sandpit make more believable claims than the likes of, say, W.L. (low-bar) Craig and G. Habbermess.


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