Where Can You Find The Latest Biblical Studies Carnival?!?

Biblical Studies Carnival #203 is available at Heather Thiessen’s website Matters of Interpretation and covers the month of January 2023. There are links to papers from the recent meeting of the Society for the Old Testament, existentialism in Ecclesiastes, a piece by yours truly documenting plagiarism in one apologist’s attempted defense of a literal reading of Joshua’s Long Day, and so much more. And that’s just stuff from the Hebrew Bible! Thiessen has sections on the New Testament, LXX, textual criticism, and more. And despite the fact that this is her first time hosting, Thiessen’s iteration of the carnival is really, really good.

I’ll be handling Carnival #204 that will come out on March 1st, so be on the lookout! If you’re interested in hosting a carnival, reach out to Phil Long on Twitter or by email (plong42@gmail.com). He’s always looking for people to host, even lowly amateurs like myself.

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