Phillip Long: Paradise in Apocalyptic Texts

Phillip J. Long, The Book of Enoch for Beginners: A Guide to Expand Your Understanding of the Biblical World (Oakland, CA: Rockridge Press, 2022), 43:

Since apocalyptic literature often describes paradise as hidden in the heavens until the end of the age, the earthly Garden of Eden becomes the heavenly home of the righteous. In 1 Enoch, the righteous will live in paradise, where they will eat from the Tree of Life and the Tree of Wisdom. 2 Enoch 8 calls paradise an “indescribably pleasant” place filled with trees yielding every kind of food, tended by three hundred angels. Like the Enoch literature, Revelation 2:7 says the one who overcomes will enter paradise and eat from the Tree of Life. Jesus reflects this Jewish view of paradise in Luke 24:43 when he tells the thief beside him on the cross, “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

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