‘The Bible Was Written Backwards’: Matthew Monger’s New YouTube Channel

We may be in the “best of times” era of public facing biblical scholarship. There are of course the more obvious examples like the work of Bart Ehrman and his popular blog and numerous trade books. But YouTube has also become an excellent way for scholars to disseminate their knowledge to an eager audience. For example, Dr. Josh Bowen and his wife Megan Lewis – two Assyriologists – run the YouTube channel Digital Hammurabi. There they talk frequently about ancient Mesopotamia (e.g., their series on life in ancient Sumer), interview scholars both established and up-and-coming, and otherwise give the public access to data about the ancient Near East. Another example is Dr. Kipp Davis, an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls who produces content over at his channel covering not only the Dead Sea Scrolls but also topics related to ancient Israelite religion, various lectures he’s given, and counter-apologetics (e.g., his series responding to Michael Jones on the reliability of Genesis 1-11). Still another example is Dr. Dan McClellan, an expert in biblical languages who is perhaps best known for his debunking work on Tik-Tok.

One of the newer faces (at least newer to me) is Dr. Matthew Monger. My first encounter with him was a debate he participated in on the prediction of the coming of Cyrus found in Isaiah 45. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge, tone, and professionalism. I wanted more but at the time there wasn’t much on YouTube or social media generally to go on. Lo and behold, Monger has now created his own YouTube channel called The Bible was Written Backwards. At the time of this writing, he has produced only a handful of videos including a channel intro (see below) and a video on the relationship of Genesis 1 and the Enuma Elish. I’m eager to see what other content Monger puts out there for his audience. He already has well over 2.5 thousand followers which is absolutely incredible. Here’s the intro video for his channel.

Give Dr. Monger (and all the others I mentioned) a follow and check out his content! Now!

1 thought on “‘The Bible Was Written Backwards’: Matthew Monger’s New YouTube Channel

  1. I strongly second the recommendation. Professor Monger is off to a great start with the first few episodes.

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