Bernard Lamborelle’s Thoughts on Scholars’ Review of ‘The Covenant’

Last month I posted a link to Bernard Lamborelle'sĀ grilling by two Assyriologists and an Egyptologist. As I said in that post, while they did not find his thesis compelling Lamborelle did a good job of fielding the questions and taking their constructive criticism well. And just recently he has posted a response to some of... Continue Reading →

Digital Hammurabi: Textual Criticism (4): Textual Criticism and the Greek New Testament

Yesterday I posted a link to the third video in Dr. Joshua Bowen's series on the topic of textual criticism where he discussed some of the methods and rules utilized by textual critics when they engage in their craft. In the final video of the series, Dr. Bowen discusses the textual criticism of the New... Continue Reading →

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