Josh Bowen’s Interview of John Collins on Violence in the Bible

Over on the Digital Hammurabi YouTube Channel, Josh Bowen (PhD, John Hopkins University) interviewed renowned biblical scholar John J. Collins (PhD, Harvard University) on the subject of violence in the Hebrew Bible. Collins is the author of multiple books including the phenomenal textbook The Hebrew Bible: An Introduction which is in its third edition. Bowen asks Collins some poignant questions on divinely sanctioned violence, slavery, abortion, and more. Collins, with his charming Irish accent, provides succinct answers and pulls no punches, providing nuance to these complicated topics. And since the interview is less than an hour long, you’ve got no excuse not to hop over to the watch it. To that end, I’ve included it below but I strongly encourage you to head over to the Digital Hammurabi page, like the video, and subscribe to their channel. I know Josh and Megan will appreciate it.

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