To see all posts in this series, please refer to its index. Last year I wrote a five-part series on Heather Schuldt's terrible attempt at taking on biblical scholar Bart Ehrman.1 Now pop-apologist SJ Thomason wants to have her moment in the sun as she responds to Bart Ehrman's fifteen year old book Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who... Continue Reading →

Index to Series “Hopelessly Confused: Heather Schuldt Takes On Bart Ehrman”

Below you will find links to all five posts in the series "Hopelessly Confused: Heather Schuldt Takes on Bart Ehrman." I suggest that to get a full grasp of just how confused Schuldt is that the reader have a look at her post "5 Examples Why Bart Ehrman Is Not a Gospel Expert." It should... Continue Reading →

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