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The Weekly Roundup – 4.26.19

“All translations of great works are of course no more than approximations of the original, in some places happy ones, in some necessarily imperfect. But respecting the sheer physicality of the Bible’s language together with a stylistic decorum appropriate to the Hebrew diction can… Continue Reading “The Weekly Roundup – 4.26.19”

Michael D. Coogan: The Significance of the Rainbow in Genesis

Michael D. Coogan, The Old Testament: A Literary and Historical Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures, third edition (OUP, 2014), 69. The sign of the covenant between God and Noah and every living creature is “the bow in the clouds” (Gen 9.13). This refers to the… Continue Reading “Michael D. Coogan: The Significance of the Rainbow in Genesis”

Weekly Roundup – 9.7.18

Here are a few good articles, blog posts, and podcasts I’ve been enjoying this week. Twitter user and blogger @bibhistctxt continues his series on ancient Israelite origins with “Israelite Origins: putting away childish things.” In this post, he shows that the various towns that were purportedly destroyed by… Continue Reading “Weekly Roundup – 9.7.18”

Evangelical Eisegesis: SJ Thomason and “God’s Promises,” part 3

This is the third post in a seven-part series responding to the blog post “And Babylon Will Never Be Inhabited” by pop-apologist S. J. Thomason. You can read the second post here. All Scripture quotations unless otherwise noted are from the New Revised Standard… Continue Reading “Evangelical Eisegesis: SJ Thomason and “God’s Promises,” part 3″