The Study of Christianity Asks, “Are There Errors in Matthew’s Genealogy?”

Twitter user @StudyofChrist asks the question, “Are there errors in Matthew’s Genealogy?” in a new video you can find on his YouTube channel. Matthew’s genealogy, which seeks to establish that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah (i.e. son of David and son of Abraham), has been the center of debate and discussion for centuries and no doubt it will be in the centuries to come. The reasons for this are clear:

  • The final set of fourteen generations (1:12-16) is really thirteen;
  • Matthew’s genealogy skips family members, skewing the number of generations;
  • Matthew’s genealogy is vastly different from Luke’s (see Luke 3:23-38).

I’m looking forward to seeing how @StudyofChrist deals with these problems in future videos and I’ll be sure to post them to my blog and offer some reflection.



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