Study of Christianity: Why Does Matthew Skip Three Generations? part 2

In his last video, @StudyofChrist presented another issue in the Matthean genealogy, this time revolving around the three missing kings between Joram and Uzziah since Joram was not the father of Uzziah (Matthew 1:8). He posited three explanations for the missing kings: Matthew was being deceptive, he made a mistake, or he had a good reason. That video discussed the first two options and left the third for the video I’m linking to today.

I’m not going to explicate the idea @StudyofChrist puts forward since I think he does a really good job of laying it all out. But what is interesting is that @StudyofChrist states outright that he isn’t sure what the best explanation is. On Twitter he revealed that the option he gives for the “reason” Matthew excluded three kings is no longer viable. So this leaves us with either Matthew was being deceptive or he just made a mistake. And I honestly don’t know which one to go with but it is clear that no matter what Matthew did it was all with theology in mind.

If you haven’t subscribed to @StudyofChrist’s YouTube channel, you should go ahead and do that!



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